Optimising the performance of public and private sector organisations

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Grosvenor Public Sector Advisory

Public Sector Advisory

Optimising the delivery of programs, services and contracts

Grosvenor Property Advisory

Property Advisory

Optimising the performance of complex property portfolios

Grosvenor Procurement Advisory

Procurement Advisory

Procurement driven performance improvement

Grosvenor Performance Group is a consulting firm that specialises in public sector advisory, procurement advisory and property advisory services

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Why Grosvenor?

Peter Macfarlane

Peter Macfarlane | Managing Director

With Grosvenor, you will never get a "cookie cutter" outcome because our consultants do the quality thinking at each and every stage of the project cycle as opposed to part of a predefined process.

To that end, for us quality thinking is not a process it’s a way of life and why our highest calibre people are at the coalface not in the boardroom.

We don’t have the luxury of a global brand, so we can never hide behind it – our brand is our work.

In the spirit of David and Goliath, we have the optimal power to weight ratio that gives us the ability to lift many magnitudes beyond our own weight and thereby deliver better, more affordable and innovative outcomes for our clients.

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Over 20 years’ experience consulting to major public and private sector organisations

60% of our clients are repeat clients

Our Net Promoter Score is unsurpassed in our industry

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