As a mid-sized firm, we don't take on passengers. We expect all our people to be thinkers and do-ers. You have to be well rounded, able to see through the fog, ask questions to go beyond confusion, see through the BS and think deeply and creatively to solve problems others thought impossible.

Our ability to create real value for our clients and provide advice that punches well above our weight is paramount to how we structure and function.

We value humility. Every member of our team is highly competent and are experts in their areas, yet not full of themselves, always learning and growing, willing to listen, demonstrating empathy and respect for our clients and always open to receive advice from others.

These things we fiercely defend!

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Safe Hands and a Supportive Culture

Training, mentoring and peer support are critical to how we get things done and this feeds into our mantra that Grosvenor is a safe pair of hands. This starts with our commitment to ensure each member of our consulting team are that safe pair of hands to their client.

As a member of our team, you'll be held accountable for the quality of your work. In turn we provide a supportive culture where it's easy for you to put your hand up and find the support you need.

We value strongly a culture where everyone pitches in, picks up their load and invests back into the firm to share their knowledge and expertise.

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The Way We Live and Play

Work life balance for Grosvenor is not just a nice set of words. It has real meaning. Unlike many consulting firms, we don't work our people into the ground.

We know we need people at their best to deliver the best, ensuring people aren't drained of energy and have time to do the things they love outside of work is very important to us.

We have a super talented and fun bunch of people here at Grosvenor. To keep them happy, healthy and kicking goals in their professional and personal lives, we’re proud to offer the following to our employees.


We know that people prefer different ways of working. Some have commitments outside of work to manage, some regularly need to work from home rather than the office. We have a workplace flexibility policy that respects the fact that the type of people we employ take responsibility for ensuring they contribute and meet the needs to the business.

Paid Parental Leave

We know it can be an amazing and unpredictable roller coaster for families welcoming a new child into the world. So we're proud to offer 12 weeks paid leave for Primary Carers and 6 weeks paid leave for Partners of Primary Carers to ensure all our staff are retained and feel loved, independent of their unique circumstances.

Company Events

There’s something special about working in a company in which all employees are bright, energetic, focused and pleasant people to be around. Throughout the year we take breaks from our busy working lives to celebrate major events and enjoy each other’s company.

  • Share Fairs: Day-long events to share new ideas, skills and ways of thinking to improve our work and help achieve our company goals.
  • Annual Conference: Held in a different part of Australia each year, the annual conference coincides with the anniversary of the founding of the business. A highlight is the announcement of the Employee of the Year!
  • End of Year Celebration: To reward the effort and dedication that everyone has shown during the year, Grosvenor hosts a lavish and elegant celebration to close the year out.

The little things...

To take the pressure off during busy times, boost morale and reduce stress, we find that it’s the little things that can make a bit of difference to an employee’s day such as:

  • making sure our office kitchens are well-stocked with fruit, snacks, tea and coffee
  • supporting staff in ways to reduce stress, e.g. mindfulness, walk and talks
  • stopping work at 4pm Friday for office drinks and start the wind-down
  • office breakfasts, lunches and get-togethers

If we still have your attention at this point, we'd love to stay in touch even if we don't have a position available at this moment. Simply fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

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