Adam O’Brien

Adam O’Brien

Associate Director

EMBA, Grad. Dip. Legal Practice, LLB, B. MGT

Adam is one of Grosvenor’s public sector advisory experts, with more than a decade’s experience advising on procurement and organisational review projects. Adam is a member of Grosvenor’s leadership team and has policy responsibility for GPG’s operations. He is also actively involved in mentoring younger professionals and advising not for profits, holding a committee position on the not for profit 'The Big Hug Box', a fundraising initiative for Cure Cancer Australia.

"I’m a genuinely curious person. If my days are full of variety, learning, challenge and an ability to add value, then I consider those days well-spent. Consulting let’s me do this, all while meeting and working with some of the most interesting and dedicated people imaginable.

My work at GPG involves spending about two thirds of my time on consulting projects, and a third of my time helping to shape GPG into an organisation that continually impresses clients and provides an enticing employment environment for our current and future team members."

Key areas of expertise

  • Public Sector
  • Organisational, Service Delivery Model and Process design and review
  • High-stakes procurement
  • Legal compliance and innovative contract design
  • Mentoring


  • In less than 3 weeks, designed a procurement strategy and developed and released to market a comprehensive request for proposal document for an innovative technology solution for a new regulatory program 
  • After multiple attempts by our client to integrate two previously separated teams into a productive business unit, developed a practical strategy which unified the teams  
  • Facing a growing level of complaints in the management of an important public safety program, conducted a detailed review and identified practical improvement opportunities, including a clear approach to making and prioritising decisions on the future of the program to improve outcomes for all stakeholders